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Every detail, gesture or texture that characterises Omelette Editions' designs seeks to create an emotional connection with those who observe and use them. Since 2016, the editor's goal has been to offer furniture collections that not only endure and obviate trends and fashions, but also become the backbone of spaces and the lives of those who inhabit them. In this sense, Omelette Editions believes that design goes far beyond mere appearance. Furniture, in its conception, is understood as entities that go beyond being mere objects; they are integrated and participate in a symbiotic conversation between design and everyday life.

Founded by design studio La Mamba as a platform for its own creations, Omelette Editions understands design as a dialogue between designers, industrialists, architects, interior designers and the user of the product. This perspective allows them to develop functional and timeless furniture, as well as ensuring that each piece responds to the needs of those who will incorporate it into their daily lives.

As a publisher, it seeks to collaborate with designers, whose philosophy is aligned with that of the brand, encouraging simple and honest design. This, however, does not imply renouncing the diversity that characterises its catalogue, where all the pieces work both individually and as a whole. These collaborations enrich the publisher with multiple perspectives on design, seeing it as a process that uses a common language.


At OMELETTE EDITIONS we always start from the premise of creating collections that last over time not only for their design but also for their quality, using the highest quality raw materials.

That is why we maintain a mentality of change and improvement to meet our environmental commitments by manufacturing 98% of our collection in Spain and the remaining 2% within Europe, the same being the case with our raw materials.

We strive to control and reduce the geographical dispersion of our supply chain, limiting unnecessary freight between our production and storage facilities between Barcelona and Valencia, reducing the hidden carbon footprint of the production process.

As far as possible, we think and design pieces that can be separated into parts and that can return to the life cycle of reuse or recycling of the components. Within our selection of fabrics we have different references made from 100% recycled materials.

The wood we use comes from certified and controlled sustainable logging, FSC and PEFC. Several of our collections are designed to be compact and easy to assemble, something we are replicating in our new products.

Our fabrics are durable and of high quality with high Martindale ratings, allowing us to obtain very high results for intensive use environments.

All our foams are REACH certified.

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